Balotelli’s contract contained the most Balotelli clause ever

Adam Brown

When the board are bringing in a player that the manager has said that he doesn’t want, it probably shouldn’t be Mario Balotelli. The concerns of Brendan Rodgers weren’t enough though, and to make things worse for fans, the so-called “behaviour clause” which was used to assure fans may be the most useless clause since making the ball go forwards from kick-off.

If during each season of the term of this contract the player is not dismissed from the field on three or more occasions for violent conduct, spitting at an opponent or any other person, for using insulting or abusive language and/or gestures and/or for dissent by word or action . . . then at the end of each season he shall receive a bonus payment of £1m

What a wonderful contract for Mario. It’s surprising that more players don’t act in the same way if this is the sort of deal you will be handed. Basically, do not be sent off three times in a season and you get an extra 20k per week for the year. We’re not sure what type of player you’d need to be to be sent off for spitting at an opponent three times in a season either – the Italian was probably insulted at the suggestion!

Unfortunately for Liverpool, they were dealing with one of the greediest agents in the game. What does he even do? Are these agents even necessary? Probably…  for the player at least. Judging from this deal where he was able to work an extra £1 million for his client, it’s clear that agents are able to manipulate even the world’s best clubs for that extra $ in their own pocket. Raiola and Balotelli  1 – 0 Liverpool. Ian Ayre has had a nightmare here – he’d have been better off being scammed by a call centre trying to fix his computer from India than in a negotiation with Balotelli’s agent.

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To be fair to Mario, he was actually well behaved at Liverpool – but he stuck to his lethargic play-style which doesn’t really suit the Premier League – especially the top teams and certainly not Klopp! It’s very unlikely the clause had any real effect other than preventing a complete meltdown. What were Liverpool thinking? Has a decent striker ever been sent off three times in a season? Interesting to think about.


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It’s good to see the Italian finding the net in Nice – it would have been a shame if a player with that much ability and potential ended up in a joke league in Qatar. Overall, he wasn’t too bad at Liverpool and was actually quite likeable which is why the Anfield crowd were desperate for him to do well. A gamble that never paid off for the Liverpool board but paid off nicely for Mino Raiola; certainly a lesson to be learnt for the Merseyside negotiations team!


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