9 defenders Manchester City have to go all out on and sign

Adam Brown

Manchester City have been terrible at the back so far this season, some of their defenders would struggle to play at Sunderland – which is why they have only kept two clean sheets! If Pep Guardiola is going to repeat his previous successes at Barcelona and Bayern Munich in England, he certainly has to replace some of these shambolic defenders.

With City already looking like they’d struggle to keep a clean sheet against a League Two side, the rich Sheikhs must act fast to stop this calamity of a defence – it appears the team needs even more money poured into it. Other than Vincent Kompany, the team appears to be plagued by lacklustre defenders.


If Man City are going to win the title this season, they’re probably going to need a quick fix – which means replacing of some of their shocking defenders. If Pep is insisting on playing three at the back, then a defender like Kolarov isn’t going to cut it – he has an unreal left foot, but he is painfully slow!

To be fair, for City fans, they could do with any defender who also is going to collapse when they feel contact – the City defence has been very weak this season – which is promising for some, as it shows an old-fashioned “Out if in doubt” and strong centre-half is still in fashion and can be very much useful.




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