Chelsea fan explains reason behind being at Man United-Everton game

Ethan Tait

Football fandom is something that should be taken seriously as religion as Green Street Hooligans proved to us. The team you support shouldn’t change over time to accommodate who’s winning trophies, you stick with your side even if they didn’t win a trophy for nine godawful years

Following the matchup between Manchester United and Everton, the poor showing of Maroune Fellaini and tactics of Jose Mourinho weren’t the only talking points from the match.

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As well as this, everyone seems to be losing their mind of a Chelsea fan repping a different kind of Blues at Goodison Park.

At first thought, it’s rather odd to be wearing the colours of neither of the teams playing in the match, but shouts out to Emily Rogawski for supporting her club.

The reason of being at the game to watch “quality footballers” is a bit sketchy. Manchester United and Everton is fun and all, but traveling back to London would of been preferred to watching Fellaini bottle it in his 100th appearance for the club. Good effort though.

But enough of Fellaini’s shit play, back to Rogawski.

The fan might be getting stick for her loyalty to her club on social media and news outlets, but it would a bit different if it were another supporter, say some bloke who is a little less attractive wore the colours of his Blues to Goodison Park and the result would be that he was booed from the stadium or had the shit beaten out of him.

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The consequences for a man and woman differ greatly in this case and each suffer their own troubles when faced with loyalty over getting abused by other fans. Miss Rogawski can be accused of just being just a pretty face and not knowing a damn thing about football while a man would be called a wanker and violence would ensue.

In either case, it takes balls to wear your team’s colours at another ground, let alone a ground where your team isn’t even playing. But this shouldn’t become a recurring theme or else English Hooligans will rise again and shit will just get out of hand.


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