Sneakerheads: The best golf shoes for summer 2017

Golf shoes used to be a pretty boring affair. Plain leather, black, brown, or white. Occasionally saddle shoes, but that was it. Wingtips with nails on the bottom, basically.

While you may pine for golf’s more formal days, there’s no doubt we’ve never seen such a great variety of footwear on the market.

Think about what we see every week on the PGA Tour: Matt Kuchar in his Skechers, Justin Thomas in his FootJoy Classics, Rory McIlroy in his Nikes, Keegan Bradley in his Jordans. With the Tour as proving ground for what will sell at retail, it’s not surprising to see such a multiplicity of styles on the market.

Here’s a look at some of the best golf shoe releases of 2017:

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