Real Madrid need to chill with their Instagram celebrations

Ethan Tait

Social media has become an integral part of every footballer’s life. Instagramming and tweeting are part of the daily routine and a way to advertise¬†products, their lifestyle, or celebrating a big win. Real Madrid, per usual, have taken the celebrations way too far.¬†

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Teams can celebrate their wins with simple posts with a few teammates without making it weird and over the top, but a club like Real Madrid is obviously incapable of modesty with a man like Cristiano Ronaldo in the side.

Three different situations will be assessed in which Real Madrid needed to calm the fuck down over a result or practice and those involved will be criticized for their actions.

Exhibit A: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona – December 3, 2016

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

It’s understood that you’d be excited about winning a game in one of the most heated rivalry matches in the world, but neither Real Madrid or Barcelona won in the El Clasico. It was a draw. So, why must you celebrate like you won?

In the picture, we have sex appeal, Ronaldo posing, and far too much happiness for a single point. A selfie with a couple of mates would have sufficed.

Exhibit B: Real Madrid training session – 6 weeks ago

Source: @cristiano's instagram
Source: @cristiano’s instagram

A training session, really?

We all get it, you play for Real Madrid and the public eye is constantly focused on you. For the love of God, Ronaldo, chill the fuck out.

Exhibit C: Real Madrid vs. FC Barcelona – April 4, 2016

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Ah yes, the infamous photo of Ronaldo in his skivvies. Yes, Ronaldo, we all know that you’re body resembles that of a demigod, but at least have some decency like the rest of your team.

This celebration can be a little better understood because they actually won this match, but they still were behind Barcelona in the standings anyway and failed to clinch the title. Who looks stupid now?

As you can see, Cristiano Ronaldo acting like a complete tool is the common denominator in all these pictures. Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid wouldn’t be nearly as successful, but they would manage to celebrate wins like a normal team.

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May this also be a warning for Arsenal. Using social media is fine when used within reason and not used excessively in celebrate another match day result, your job is to fucking win.


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