Lionel Messi has given career advice to Real Madrid star

Ethan Tait

Real Madrid is the attention seeking whore of the football world. When there’s a player that’s attracting hype from far and wide across world football, it’s almost a sure bet that they’ll be a making a sizeable bit to bring him to the Santiago Bernabeu

James Rodriguez was that hyped player following the 2014 World Cup that, Fiorentino Perez, just had to have in his attacking arsenal. Things started off well for James at the Bernabeu, with 13 goals and 13 assists in 29 matches in La Liga, but the honeymoon period ended soon after.

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With Zinedine Zidane at the helm of Los Blancos, James has found it increasingly difficult to find minutes on the pitch. Despite the opportunity to leave in the summer, James vowed to fight for his place in the side and should be regretting his poor decision making right about now.

This weekend the Colombian international was an unused substitute for El Clasico and Lionel Messi noticed. Following the match, Messi spoke to James and said that he needed to move on in order to save himself and career- the Argentine speaks the truth.

James needs to leave in order to become the player that he was destined to be, the player that was on display at the World Cup in Brazil. In his time at Real Madrid, he has managed to become more and more like Cristiano Ronaldo, but not in a good way. James is acting out because he’s unhappy and going through a phase.

Ronaldo’s behaviour as a pouting cry-baby little bitch is tolerated by fans and Real Madrid alike because he puts up numbers every single season. James has no reason to be acting like a child when he fails to even get on the pitch.

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Plenty of suitors are already after James Rodriguez, but it is up to him to stand up to the brass of Real Madrid and put in a transfer request or remain on the bench for the rest of the year. He has an opportunity to save the season, go to a big club, and save himself from being another big name who flopped at Real Madrid.

If he avoids this continued stubborn behaviour and listens to Messi, he will be a baller once again.

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