Manchester United versus Everton highlights how both clubs betrayed Moyes

If you also had the misfortune of sitting through 90 minutes of Everton vs Manchester United at the weekend, then please call this hotline at 0800-1T-W45-5H1T. Help is out there, and you are not alone.

But in all seriousness, it was pretty shite. The two teams plodded around the pitch in an aimless attempt to come away with all three points, which is something neither team looked particularly arsed with. Ronald Koeman and Jose Mourinho were once two of the greatest managers in the world, and somehow they are now in charge of the most underachieving sides in the Premier League.

The interesting thing about this whole situation, though, is the David Moyes factor. You know, that guy who is currently turning things round at Sunderland. The former Everton and United boss that, quite simply, was shat on far too much for doing the best he could under tough circumstances.

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Everton fans in particular were quick to laud Koeman as their saviour following years of mediocrity, which a lot of Toffees blame on Moyes. But why? It makes zero sense. The bloke dragged them from being potential relegation candidates all the way to consistent European football, and just because he left for a better job they decide he isn’t worth their time. Pathetic.

Then there’s United, where the 53-year-old really wasn’t given a chance. In terms of financial backing, Moyes was given precisely fuck all in comparison to Jose and Louis van Gaal, but interestingly enough, his track record at the club was better at this stage than the two supposed “world class” bosses. Not that the sex pest really cares…

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Succeeding after Fergie was never going to be an easy task, and if anything Moyes was thrown under the bus. The true footballing values that the Scot brought to both Old Trafford and Goodison Park led to an improved quality of football, and whilst that wasn’t always seen at United it was certainly there hiding in the shadows.

He wasn’t given the time and at Everton, he now isn’t given the respect. The funny thing is though, the game on Sunday did nothing but highlight all the flaws these two clubs have been missing ever since losing David Moyes. Class, style, confidence – none of these things were on display.

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You can bash him all you want for his United tenure, but at the end of the day if David Moyes was given even a slice of the time Fergie was awarded he could’ve kept that club at the top of world football. Fact.

Oh, and Everton fans, get that bitter lemon out of your mouth.

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