6 horror tackles worse that were worse than Aguero’s lunge on Luiz

Sergio Aguero doesn’t like David Luiz. His wild lunge in the weekend – which resulted in his dismissal (as well as Fernandinho’s, in case you missed it) was the second time he’s gone in on the Sideshow Bob lookalike with a two-footed studs-up challenge. Our theory: he’s simply jealous of his hair.

But in the great pantheon of football horror tackles, does Aguero’s effort at the weekend really hold a candle to some of the truly nasty ones?

The ones that make you wince as you watch stud and bone clash together, then either breathe a sigh of relief as the player on the receiving end emerges unscathed, or… you know, watch from behind the sofa as they’re stretchered off the pitch?

Here are six horror tackles worse than Aguero’s lunge on Luiz – and the videos to prove it.

Keane on Haaland

This crunching knee-height tackle on Haaland was so uncharacteristic of the usually mild-mannered Roy Keane. Just what on earth came over him?

Witsel on Wasilewski

Axel Witsel is now one of Europe’s most coveted midfielders, but in his younger days the Belgian could be a little rash – as his opponent Wasilewski would find out. Ouch

Thatcher on Pedro Mendes

Remember before Man City got super rich? They used to have shit players like Ben Thatcher, who literally knocked Pedro Mendes out cold with this “challenge”.

De Jong on Alonso

Howard Webb was trying to keep his red card in his pocket during the fiery World Cup Final in 2010, but surely a kung-fu kick to the chest warranted more than a yellow?

Rooney on Carvalho

The British media were quick to blame winking Ronaldo for Rooney’s red in 2006, but to be fair, the United striker did basically stamp on Carvalho’s nuts.

Taylor on Eduardo

Smaller teams love to rough up Arsenal’s fleet-footed forwards, but the Birmingham defender may have gone too far here.

Lesson of the day? Don’t let knuckle-dragging centre-halves anywhere near nimble forwards.


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