Apparently, a fan died in front of Jordan Spieth

If a man dies in front of Jordan Spieth during a practice round at a PGA Tour event and nobody reports it, did it really happen?

All joking aside, how is this the first we’re hearing of this, especially considering the massive media event that a fan’s death at the U.S. Open was? In a somewhat off-the-cuff fashion, Jordan Spieth told reporters that a man had died in front of him at the Memorial Tournament a few weeks ago.

What? Here’s Spieth’s full quote, a response to a question about “distractions” and “delays” on the golf course.

“Yeah, it was a bit odd there, a lady fainted and then obviously we were going to wait and we tried to get — our officer was right on top of it, and then the guy that was walking with us was on top of getting the paramedics involved, and she ended up being okay.

“A few weeks ago in Columbus, I actually witnessed a man passing away right off the green in the pro-am, and I don’t know what the deal is. Wherever — it’s bizarre that that happens, but fortunately this lady, she got up and seemed to be just fine after she kind of cooled down for a little while and the paramedics came.”

So not only did a man die before Jordan Spieth’s eyes at a PGA Tour event, but this poor woman fainted in Spieth’s presence. It doesn’t sound like putting issues are the worst of his woes, fans are keeling over at his feet.

But really, what are the odds, and how was this story not more widely reported? We covered the passing of the 94-year-old gentleman at the U.S. Open with great interest. Granted, he had an excellent story, but still, someone died at a PGA Tour event, and there’s nary a mention of it anywhere. Rest in peace, to whoever that unfortunate gentleman was.

An official CLICKON PSA: For all golf fans at tournaments in the summer months, drink plenty of water and be sure to eat, especially if you’re boozing. A golf tournament in the boiling heat isn’t like a baseball game. Following your favorite player all day equates to several miles of walking, so act accordingly.

We’ll assume that the fan at the Memorial was elderly, and we know the fan at the U.S. Open was, but heat-related issues are a threat to even the most young and able-bodied among us. We don’t want anyone else losing consciousness while watching Jordan Spieth.

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