West Ham owner humiliates national icon over Twitter

Ben Mountain

David Gold is one of the three Lord Sugar kiss-arses who are helping to send West Ham United into a spiraling array of shit. Along with Karren Brady and David Sullivan, Gold is transforming the once respected London club into the butt of many a cheap joke. Thankfully for us, then, the fella continued to do his job in quite spectacular fashion on Tuesday. 

The walking, talking, bottle of fake-tan and Botox who looks like a scary perversion of Santa Claus’ lovechild with Richard Branson, took to Twitter yesterday to make a tit of himself, yet again.


As if the London Stadium wasn’t embarrassing the Hammers enough.

Hopefully those of you over the mental age of 60 who have been hiding under a TV-proof rock for the last ten years have clocked on by now. “Clunge” should provide a small jolt to your memory if not. Get it yet?

It is reasonably understandable however that Mr Gold, who’s 80, didn’t quite get the joke. However, for the owner of a Premier League football club and founder of the happy-go-shaggy giants, Ann Summers, you’d think that a £350 million businessman would be slightly cooler than that. The bloke even looks like a Bond villain, for Christ’s sake.

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But, no. He fell for it. Not only that, but he actually entertained the idea that a poor, lonely little Hammer who looks more like he’s marrying the woman behind him than waving a fond farewell for his first class of the day; should require his “luck”. Bit of a piss take. Has he nothing else to do with his time than tweet his best to over-sized and nervous teens? Probably not, in fact.

Other than insulting those who lost their lives in the Croydon tram crash, being a pervert, an arrogant bell, a casual racist and a total philistine when naming his own team’s players, that is. Oh, and compulsively feeling the need to stick “dg” at the end of every bloody tweet. We know it’s you, Dave; no marketing team would be so fucking annoying!

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Anyway, ol’ Davey was probably just doing his piece to continue to mug himself and the West Ham fans off some more. Good on him.

Next time though, ask your grandchildren for a hand, pal.

#muggedit. bm

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