Famous artist paints giant mural of Tiger Woods’ mugshot

Thanks to a famous artist, Tiger Woods’ most unfortunate DUI mugshot from his Memorial Day arrest now lives as a giant mural in Australia.

Melbourne-based artist Lush, has put Woods’ lowest moment on blast for everyone to see, but wait, everyone already has seen it. Now it gets to be a work of art for people to appreciate.

3000 comments and ill give @tigerwoods the @kathygriffin hairdo

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This might seem cruel, but Tiger Woods isn’t Lush’s first victim. Other celebrities who were subjected to Lush’s creative license include Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and even Hilary Clinton. The artist covers trending topics and has even covered Jerry Seinfeld turning down Kesha when she asked for a hug.

The gallery is quite comical and each portrait is done with great precision and accuracy. This kind of art doesn’t live forever, but what happened to Tiger Woods will. Maybe in a few years he’ll be able to look back at this and laugh, but until then, his face lives in infamy along with the Spongebob meme.

Find all of his art on Instagram @lushsux.

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