Four-wheeling vandals wreak havoc driving on green

The host venue for the Shell Houston Open has been vandalized…again.

The Golf Club of Houston was ripped up by four-wheeling vandals in January of 2016, and then again, trashing the 14th green in May of that last year.

Unfortunately, the recreational vehicle-riding rejects have struck again, treating GC of Houston’s greens like their personal dirt track.


Fortunately (better than nothing) the club got a few shots of the man-children as they fled the scene (and let’s be real, they’re men).

Repeat offenders? Motivations? We’re not sure. Here’s a further look at the damage from a member of the turf team.

Look, in the United States of America, we hold private property in high regard. That said, an act of vandalism that is politically motivated in nature, such as the repeated degradation of Donald Trump’s golf properties, is more understandable than this stuff. Unacceptable? Yes. But at least based in something resembling reason.

Destruction for its own sake is never acceptable in a civil society, and this is just dumb stuff that makes more work for some folks who already work hard: the grounds crew at the Golf Club of Houston. If these four-wheeling folks think their act of destruction hurts the country club set, it doesn’t. The Golf Club of Houston has plenty of money. Those who suffer are the grounds crew who now, in addition to their regular duties, have to repair the damage done by these clowns.

If you’re in the Humble, Texas area, keep your eyes and ears open.

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