A clause in Aguero’s contract could probably bankrupt Manchester City

Sergio Aguero; the best striker to ever grace the Premier League? Perhaps. But one thing that is for certain, is that the Argentine is one of the most costly forwards in the top flight of English football.

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Football Leaks, you know the guys and dolls who sound like an awful Twitter ‘banter’ page, believed they’ve unearthed a subtle clause in the deal that took Aguero from Madrid to Manchester.

Every 15 times that Aguero finds the back of the net, Manchester City must pay £210,000 to the Argentina international’s former employers, Atletico – Thankfully for Manchester City, Atletico never inserted a clause that meant the Citizens had to pay them every time Aguero was a bit of a ‘Kun’.

Just shy of a quarter-of-a-million-pounds is nothing in today’s bitter, corrupt and morally warped game – the Citizens have paid just over £2million, so far, for the 28-year-old’s goal. And that seems to a minimal cost for a player that has 152 goals – including 30 in his debut season – two Premier League winners’ medals and has delivered the biggest moment in the league since its inception in 1992.

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The clause is quite an inspired one from Atleti – although they’re probably kicking themselves for not asking for £500,000 every 15 goals – and, if true, it’s a great insight for football fans into the inner workings and subtleties that go into player transfers.

So, next time ‘Gary, 42, butcher’ is tweeting at 22:59 on Deadline Day: “Sign sum fackin players” just have a think about what actually is going on. And then once you’ve done that ‘Gary’, please, for the love of God, grow up.

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