9 defenders who must come to the Premier League before they retire

Adam Brown

The Premier League era has seen plenty of world-class attacking players. From Ronaldo, Bale, Suarez, Robben and many more today – Premier League fans have had their fair viewing of players who really are the world’s best. It seems that Lionel Messi is just one of a handful who are obviously too afraid to experiment whether they can do it ‘on a cold rainy night in Stoke’.

But what about some of the world’s best defenders? It seems that when you think of the world’s elite defenders, many are yet to grace the Premier League – and it would be excellent to see how they fare here before they retire.

With even the teams competing for the title looking like a disaster in defence, it’s clear that they need to secure a few signings in January. But realistically, there’s not many potential destinations – who is going to want to play for a crowd of classless fans at Stamford Bridge? Regardless, it’s staggering how players like Rojo, David Luiz, ┬áKolarov and Jenkinson can even start for some of the Premier League’s top clubs – teams must build from the back if English teams are going to re-capture their success in the Champions League – they have been woeful of late.


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