2 innovative ways to make golf on T.V. more watchable right now

Golf, even though it can be fun to play, can be a huge bore to watch sometimes, as any fan of the game knows. 

Add into the equation that some of the PGA Tour’s TV deals, for example the deal with Fox Sports for the U.S. Open, don’t help. Here are two ideas for the tour to make things more interesting.

Get out of the Fox Sports deal


Yes, Fox Sports is terrible, we all know that. This is probably one TV deal the PGA Tour wishes it could have back. Fox Sports has a 12-year deal with the PGA Tour and the USGA to broadcast the U.S. Open through 2026, so the problem is not going away anytime soon.

Joe Buck just doesn’t sound right calling golf. In fact, these big name announcers should redo their contracts so they call specific sports instead of multiple sports for one network. To be simpler, Joe Buck would stick to football, Jim Nantz, golf, Bob Costas, baseball, Mike Tirico, basketball, and so on. Come on USGA, we all know this was a mistake. Find a way out of it.

Make watching more interactive

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Watching sports in 2017 is not like watching them in 1985. In 2017 when we watch sports, we are also on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, commenting with “trendy” hashtags and abbreviations and whatever else you can think of. Yes, they do this in golf, but golf should also lead in taking this to the next level. Everybody is getting interactive TVs these days and those who don’t have one can use their computers or phones for this.

They could add more live stats. For example, Jordan Spieth is facing a 6-foot birdie putt on the par-4 16th hole, the closest of the day and the tournament. When was the last time a player had a birdie putt inside of six feet on this hole at this event? Or what’s the record for the longest drive on the par-5 12?

Another idea for making golf more interactive would be an event that is all about fan interaction. The WWE used to have a pay-per-view called Taboo Tuesday, and then renamed to Cyber Sunday. The fans would get to pick something about each match. What the diva’s are wearing for their battle royal, who Triple H’s tag-team partner will be, what kind of match will John Cena have with Edge, and so on.

The PGA Tour could have an event slated for sometime in the fall after the Tour Championship, where the fans get to pick this sort of thing. Who will Jordan Spieth’s partner be for this round, who will Rickie Fowler play in match play, what kind of shot will Bubba Watson hit on this hole and with what club, etc.

No matter what idea you come up with, one thing is for sure, fan interaction is key.

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