Henderson is doing exactly what Gerrard use to do and Carragher HATES it

Oh the good ol’ days; Istanbul ’05, West Ham ’06, from Steven Gerrard to Jamie Carragher, the bedrock of Liverpool, Kings of Anfield. You’d think that for all those events the boys have been through, there would be pretty much nothing that pisses the other one off. A bit like a really decent housemate, who can be a bit of an arse – but so can you – but it doesn’t really matter; no dramas.

That’s why it comes as a surprise that Jamie has called out Stevie G so publicly on Sky Sports. And, in turn, Liverpool’s newest captain, Jordan Henderson following that Bournemouth defeat..

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“Look at what happens at the kick-off [from 3-2]… The referee blows his whistle – so just relax. You don’t have to take it then, you can slow it down. Pass it back to the centre-back and knock it long, that’s what they should have done.

“Some of the players aren’t back in position but Divock Origi passes it quickly and allows Bournemouth to press. It goes straight to Jordan Henderson, he passes to James Milner who is getting pressed and panic sets in.

“He passes it straight out and the crowd are straight up again. Thirty seconds later, Lovren runs out of defence, doesn’t make the defence and fouls.

“Panic has set in and instead of Jordan Henderson keeping his position, like he would do at 0-0, he rushes into the back four. Steven Gerrard used to sometimes do it and I hated it when he did it.”

Wow. Did not expect Carragher to criticise Stevie G so publicly, and say how he hated something his former mate used to do. It must be seriously frustrating, though, the midfielder has no business there, and it’s a catalogue of errors from rushing the kick-off, to panicking, and to then losing your positional discipline.

So, perhaps before people start jumping down the ‘keeper’s throat, they should look elsewhere in the face of defeat. Liverpool need to realise if they’re going to win a title they need to be more savvy in closing games out, and not just relying on outscoring teams. Still, saying that, Loris Karius, did have an absolute shocker…


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The defeat still showed how Liverpool are missing that clinical edge to close games out. You can’t always rely on outscoring the opponents; they got away with it at Selhurst Park in October, but it was a different story against the Cherries.

Henderson needs to move away from these Gerrard habits that Carragher is referring too. You can’t always blame the ‘keeper or defenders, sometimes, you just need to do the basics, and play your own game in moments of panic. Easier said than done, sure, but it has to be enforced by the captain if you’re going to win the league. And, maybe that’s why Liverpool never won one under Stevie G…


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