Emmanuel Adebayor’s career has taken another turn for the worse

Emmanuel Adebayor ladies and gents, more muppet than man; he’s had more bloopers in his career than a whole You’ve Been Framed episode. The fact the Togolese is the right-hand man to Tim Sherwood, just about says it all.

We can literally just feel to two plotting to take over some club in Dubai, and live like Arab Kings with a couple of poor birds balancing on the end of their bollocks…

Source: India Times
Source: India Times

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Pair of absolute doughnuts.

Currently a free agent, no real surprise when you turn up to an interview and ask for a whiskey with a fag hanging out your mouth. Seriously, lad, I don’t care if you’re Nelson Mandela, you can’t be doing that for an interview – although Sports Direct would still hire you.

Well, now the former Tottenham man is out and about doing his best Snoop Dogg impression – maybe he should interview for Starsky & Hutch.

‘Whatttttt areeeee thoseeeee??!!!’…

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

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And, if Adebayor isn’t promoting a pair of shoes which make Crocs seem like Nike Roshes, he’s out hanging around on something that looks like Sir Lord Sugar’s wheels have been through Xzibit’s, Pimp My Ride… how could you do this to a Rolls Royce??!!






Seriously, mate, please take the day off. Go try save yourself some form of dignity and stop posting images of you in a car you’re just not worthy of. Do something useful, and not say shit like #NoTimeToCheckTime; when you clearly have all the time in the world.

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