Former and current Real Madrid stars house ransacked by burglars

What is it with Real Madrid players, and having run-ins with criminals? First Gareth Bale, and now Madrid’s very own gas man, Raphael Varane, has been stripped of watches, cash and clothes by a group of burglars in the Spanish capital. 

Why these blokes are nicking the lads clothes we have no idea; the Madrid’s man wheels are about as shocking as Emmanuel Adebayor’s.

‘Whattttt areeeee thoseeeee??!!’ The defender should be carrying around a bloody licence for them…

Source: The Mirror
Source: The Mirror

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Former and current Los Blancos stars must be the talk of the town amongst the petty criminals, as that bloke who’s decided to turn into Paul Scholes in the media, yeah, him, Luis Figo, was also robbed recently, with the group allegedly taking up to €500,000. Must have been some of the Barcelona boys; Figo’s really taken the hit there, as it was suggested Varane had £60,000 worth stolen.

With Varane, Spanish paper, El Mundo, reported how the Los Blancos man told police he’d forgot to turn on his ‘sophisticated’ alarm system as he was in a rush leaving his gaff for the Borussia Dortmund game. What was more of a robbery that night, was that the German’s managed to finish above the Spanish giants… a bloody warrant should be put out for Zinedine Zidane for allowing that to happen; Thomas Tuchel’s men are sixth in a bloody Bundesliga which only has one decent team.

Saying that, no real surprise they’re struggling when they have a gaffer who think he’s a Bruce-bloody-Lee…

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We hope for Varane that the goods are recovered and it’s not been too much of a dent in the defender’s €180,000-a-week contract ?.



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