FlyQuest eSports Shoot Themselves In The Foot By Replacing Altec With Freeze

Looking to shake up their roster, FlyQuest eSports announced the signing of former Tempo Storm AD Carry Aleš “Freeze” Kněžínek to replace former starter Johnny “Altec” Ru. While once considered one of the most promising ADCs available, Freeze’s play has fallen off and a change at ADC seems puzzling considering FlyQuest’s other roster issues. After this move, FlyQuest have failed to improve their roster significantly and Altec should become a sought after ADC in the NA LCS.

There was once a time where Freeze was considered one of the hottest up-and-coming AD Carries in the western scene. A part of the H2K-Gaming roster that qualified for the 2016 World Championship, Freeze’s fall slowly cumulated with a series of injuries that forced him to take a back seat as H2K made their successful Worlds run with Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou.

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At the end of the split, Freeze and H2K would part ways, with Freeze making the jump to the NACS to play on the newly formed team Tempo Storm. While he had a good split for Tempo Storm, Freeze was never the star he was hailed to be, concerning considering the Challenger scene ADC pool is dramatically weaker than the NA LCS.

After Tempo Storm was eliminated from the NACS playoffs by Gold Coin United, Freeze’s future remained an unknown until his recent signing with FlyQuest. After Tempo Storm was eliminated from the NACS playoffs by GCU, Freeze’s future remained an unknown until his recent signing with FlyQuest.

If there was a primary roster issue for FlyQuest, it was not at the ADC position. When looking at the roster, the concern instead should be directed at the top lane and the play of An “Balls” Le. Possibly the worst top laner in the NA LCS, as the season progressed the skill gap between him and other top laners made Balls a liability that forced specific draft patterns and put FlyQuest at a significant disadvantage against the other top NA teams.

Replacing Altec with Freeze is a misplaced solution that does not fix FlyQuest’s primary roster concerns. Unless other major changes are made before the roster lock, FlyQuest can only hope to maintain their top four position, an outcome that seems highly unlikely as the other NA LCS teams continue to improve and synergize while FlyQuest desperately treads water.

When assessing the strength of AD carries across the NA LCS, Altec has been traditionally undervalued and underrated. Posting a KDA in the top half of the league, Altec had multiple standout performances, despite a less than stellar split from his lane partner Daerek “LemonNation” Hart.

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Altec becomes even more valuable in the NA LCS when considering his NA residency, and the oft-undervalued experience he brings is in the top half of all the league’s ADCs. A mechanically sound player, while he may not be looked upon to carry many games, Altec will rarely lose lane in a way that allows his opposing number to snowball the game.

In the LCS alone, there should be multiple teams that would consider Altec for at minimum a tryout. Three teams who quickly come to mind are Team Liquid, Echo Fox, and Team EnVyUs. Team Liquid, in particular, has struggled to fill their ADC position since the switch of Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin to the mid lane, and after Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s departure, have yet to announce a suitable replacement. With Altec’s NA residency, he would be a perfect fit as a skilled ADC who allows them to keep both of their current imports.

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While Freeze’s EU residency does not hurt FlyQuest (they had two extra import slots), the replacement of Altec as the first move for the team does not make sense when looking at other much more pressing holes on their roster. Ultimately the roster move by FlyQuest should ultimately have little impact on their team as a whole, but by contrast Altec could provide significant help to many NA LCS teams desperate for a resident ADC.

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