The Liverpool and Manchester United rivalry has just become ever more bitter

Adam Brown

After a fairly torrid week for Loris Karius, the ‘keeper has responded to Gary Neville brilliantly, following criticism – which he deserved to be fair – after Liverpool’s recent 4-3 defeat to Bournemouth.

Neville claimed that Karius transmits anxiety, which has, of course, offended Liverpool’s new goalkeeper – and rightly so! The German man is young and will of course have some flaws he needs to iron out in his game.

And I don’t care what Gary Neville said. He was a manager for a short bit and now he is back to being an expert again.

Loris Karius

Quality from the German – it’s rare a player will target a pundit after some criticism, but we hope to see more of it if they are going to be this sort of nature!

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To be fair to the Sky Sports pundit, Neville is just doing his job – but it is funny that now anytime he criticises anyone, they can simply respond in reference to his abysmal stint at Valencia as manager.

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Should Neville have claimed that Karius transmits anxiety? It may have been a little harsh – given that Karius is a very young goalkeeper, and everyone can remember the amount of errors which David de Gea made when he first arrived at Manchester United. The German needs to be given more time – he proved last season how good he can perform, and with time he could become the player that Liverpool fans have been crying out for since Pepe Reina left.

“Even the best make mistakes”

Jurgen Klopp

Of course, we can always rely on Jurgen Klopp to the situation into perspective. Yes, Karius did have a nightmare at Bournemouth and he hasn’t looked the most convincing as Liverpool fans would have liked this season, but even the best make mistakes and it’s too easy to make the ‘keeper the scapegoat in results like this. Effectively, the Liverpool defence was a shambles – and the attack should have put the game to bed… and they very nearly did.

How is that not a goal!? Agonising. Chelsea fans will be happy, though, after the Luis Garcia ghost goal in the Champions League. As for Gary Neville, he may choose more constructive words next time he strongly criticises a player – you know, unless he’s actually spot on with his comments…

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