8 dual nationality players who snubbed England

From Edu to Mikel Arteta, England managers have been trying to convince the Premier League’s foreign stars to line-up for the Three Lions, for years.

None of them have ever taken the bait, though – partly because it’s against home nation rules, but mainly because England are useless, and most players worth their salt would rather win just a handful caps for their preferred nation than pull on the Three Lions shirt a hundred times.

There are those players, however, that England could have had – players who were either born in the country, moved there at a young age, or have an English parent – but have chosen (quite sensibly) to represent another country instead.

Cheer up, though, England fans Рyou still have Jordan Henderson. Oh, and Phil Jagielka. And Danny Drinkwater. And, well, a whole host of woefully average footballers.

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