Mourinho has done a full Louis van Gaal U-turn this Christmas day

Three points, Henrikh Mkhitaryan firing, Phil Jones playing well… hang on minute here, chaps; there must be some catch. Such news might even make Jose Mourinho crack a smile, get that twinkle back in the Portuguese man’s eye; maybe banting around with the refs and the media again, rather than trying to start World War III with just about anyone going.

But, not the case, the United gaffer still fancies rustling some feathers – no, he’s not knocking on Eva Canerio’s door this Christmas – but, instead, he’s managed to piss off all the United players and staff by calling a Christmas Day training session at 16:30 GMT. Paul Pogba’s going to have to amend Chris Rea’s infamous record to “I’m driving to Carrington for Christmas’.

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You’d think that United’s first win at home since the 24th of September would cheer Mourinho up, and might even allow Wayne Rooney to have his three mince pies on Christmas day. But, looks like there’s going to be no logs on the fire, or Turkey stuffing, but joggers on and the wooly hats as the Red Devils have a run out.

Even, Senor Dictatorial himself, Louis van Gaal, gave his team the whole day off when he was in charge; to be fair, the Dutchman just wanted his Christmas vino – stuff like this actually makes us miss that bloke?…

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One man who could be back as soon as that Christmas day training kicks in, is the newly promoted on the Old Trafford pedestal, Mkhitaryan. Initial fears of Mourinho’s ex-whipping boy leaving Old Trafford on a stretcher have been suggested it’s not as bad as first thought.

On a slightly sadder note for United fans, Marouane Fellaini, will still be around – most likely cleaning Ibra’s boots – this Christmas, after the gaffer, rather strangely, dedicated the Spurs win to the Belgian. Please, please as a Christmas wish can Ed Woodward hand that man his P45.

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