The terrifying list of the worst players Jose Mourinho has ever managed

If Jose Mourinho wants to be remembered as one of football’s best ever managers, then he needs to ride off into the sunset now.

Thankfully for all us non-Manchester United-supporting fans, he won’t. Which means the (not so) Special One will continue to fail miserably at trying to fit Paul Pogba into his Red Devils XI?.

An embarrassing – yet hardly surprising – 18 months of self-destruction looks to be undoing Mourinho’s reputation. However, it’s important not to forget what the former Real Madrid man has achieved in the game, especially given some of the awful players he’s had at his disposal.

A list of potential Halloween costumes next season. But what also amazes me about such lists, is the fact there really always will be another club who wants a footballer, no matter how painfully bad they’re.

Have a look at Mourinho’s slightly better group of players, with his combined ultimate XI along with good old pal, Arsene Wenger…

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