Joe Buck takes another crack at Brooks Koepka during All-Star game

Brooks Koepka, U.S. Open winner, and Joe Buck, FOX Sports broadcaster, are letting bygones by bygones and have settled their differences.

If you remember, Buck accidentally mis-announced Koepka’s girlfriend as his ex, instead of current boo, Jena Sims. The mixup went viral and although Buck already apologized for the incident, who better to bring up your own mishaps then yourself? Everyone loves a guy who can laugh at himself.

One more joke couldn’t hurt, right? Well Koepka attended the MLB All-Star game where Buck was broadcasting, and decided to visit him in the booth. The two took a picture together, making up in person, but it’s Buck’s caption that kills it.

“He is thorough.”

That ish is too good. You have to hand it to the guy, he knows how to handle a sticky situation. Joe¬†was clearly not phased, and even told the press that he’s done much worse than just mix up the name of who an athlete is with at the time.

I wonder if Jena Sims has become his bedtime mantra to sleep well at night. It will definitely be yours after you see what she looks like:

Brooks Koepka seems like a stand up guy, with a beautiful girlfriend, a stellar golf game, and a sense of humor to top it all off. With the British Open looming in the distance, we’ll see if he can really make a name for himself this season.

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