Mario Balotelli: the Christmas gift that keeps on giving

Mario Balotelli; whatever your colours are, whether you love or loathe the guy, you simply can not deny the Italian is pure box office. A renegade in his own right, a man with a confidence and swag that won’t be knocked. The forward writes his own headlines, creates his own script wherever he plays; and yeah, this may have hindered his football, but it certainly hasn’t hindered his fanbase.

Footballers in general are pretty boring, you only really have to go as far as a Gareth Southgate interview to see that; the Three Lions boss represents just about all other English players: dull, mundane and uninspiring. Name one decent interview you can remember from an England player? We’re certainly scratching our heads.

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This isn’t just singling out the Three Lions, as if they haven’t come in for another criticism over the years. There’s also other players in the Premier League, La Liga etc who are just boring, constrained by the irritating PC boundaries. Whose fault is it? The media for potentially twisting some stories; we don’t know people that do that?… or perhaps just the players themselves?

Regardless, the game needs more personalities, more people to push the boundaries. They don’t quite make them like your Paolo Di Canios, your Paul Gascoignes, or your Eric Cantonas these days. But, Balotelli breaks that mould; ignoring all the mainstream, fireworks/darts/’Why Always Me?’ antics, there’s moments you forget, which we should encourage, and stop scaring others to come out their shell as well…


Never, ever change, Mario. The player that keeps on giving, the renegade; if only there were more like the Italian, football would be a better place for it.


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