Mignolet has now had his say on the Karius and Nevile debate

You know when you argue with your mates over FIFA? “We are at my house so I’m the home team” or “No, I need that controller”; all pretty insignificant and petty. Well, that’s exactly what Liverpool vs Manchester United vs Gary Neville vs Loris Karius vs Simon Mignolet vs Jamie Carragher vs Jurgen Klopp is.

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It’s all a bit confusing, really. If anything, Karius should’ve been going toe-to-toe with Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, rather than Manchester United’s, Gary Neville, seeing as it was the Scouser who went in on the ‘keeper, too.

Of course, Karius knows the pecking order, and lashed out at the man with the Red Devils at his heart, rather than truly fight his corner with @Carra23 because of *that* superficial respect line he’s told to toe.

Although, it does appear that the PR nonsense that goes on, runs deeper than we realise, with Didi Hamann getting involved with Carragher on Twitter…

And then bottling it because being a prolific scorer of own goals for years for Liverpool earns you #respect…

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Thankfully for us, Simon Mignolet isn’t one for propaganda; he, instead, opts for what’s best for him. And too right. It has been a difficult time for the Belgium ‘keeper, and he clearly isn’t taken it lying down and offering to warm-up Karius’ gloves pre-match.

No moaning, let the feet do the talking??

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The choice of words from Mignolet could’ve been better. And by Mignolet, we mean the Social Media Manager hired by the former Sunderland ‘keeper, who scheduled the post on Friday at 5:27pm down the pub, and has now probably lost their job for it.

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