The 15 footballers who would have become club legends if they had stayed

Above anything else, footballers want to be loved and remembered – just ask Cristiano Ronaldo – but of course there’s a desire to win trophies.

And there comes a time in any footballers’ career where they have to weigh up what’s more important: adulation or a full cabinet.

Some, but not many, have taken the Mark Noble path at West Ham; years of mediocrity to remain a fan favourite rather than push on. So many, though, jumped ship, left in acrimonious circumstances and, with hindsight, perhaps regret it.

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Sure, the likes of Robin van Persie is now able to polish his Premier League winners’ medal. However, the Dutchman has very quickly become a washed up has been out in Turkey with no real legacy.

Only the former Arsenal man knows if it was worth it all…

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