Spurs will dominate the Premier League for the next decade

If you spend your days wondering what team will dominate the Premier League for years to come, then first of all what are you doing with your life and second of all your search is finally over! Because everything is pointing towards Tottenham Hotspur being the next English side to forge themselves a legacy.

What legacy will that be? A great one. We’ve had sides like Chelsea and Manchester United run rampant over the rest of English football for years now, but by god we need a change of pace. Some say Liverpool will reclaim their throne, meanwhile others piss themselves laughing at the thought, and a select few are correct in assuming that Spurs will be the next side to make everyone else their bitch.

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When gazing your eyes towards the current crop of Tottenham stars, a new hero has already begun to arise; and his name is Harry Winks. The 20-year-old local lad has every attribute necessary to succeed at the highest level from finishing, composure and a never say die attitude.

Of course, that’s just one of many English talents currently enjoying a period of success at White Hart Lane. Dele Ali, Danny Rose, Kyle Walker, Eric Dier, Harry Kane – those five alone were in the starting line-up for their recent Champions League tie.

That isn’t even covering the current selection of foreign talent either. I mean, if Tottenham can maintain the core of their squad whilst also balancing out their defensive and attacking capabilities, they’ll be champions as soon as this coming May.

No, that isn’t a joke. Pochettino is one of the hottest young managers in the world right now and they’ve got so much quality it’s literally fucking overflowing in North London. So as this lot continue to move into their peak, who will take their spots as the young and upcoming stars of tomorrow. An absolute shitload of players, that’s who.

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The likes of Josh Onomah and Georges-Kévin Nkoudou look wiser beyond their years, and show a certain level of comfort that you just don’t see among such novices these days. It’s the togetherness and old school sense of utilising the best talent England has to offer that achieves this, too.

Nobody quite understands the system of nurturing youth like Tottenham in 2016. The development they receive allows them to evolve like a motherfucking Pokemon into players that the rest of the league take for granted. Big mistake.

Just look at their youth squad, too. Their most recent appearance in the FA Youth Cup ended in a 10-1 battering of Stevenage and they didn’t even look like they broke a sweat. So before you dismiss this as bullshit, I suggest you take a good hard look at these lads and ask yourself who is better than them. The answer is no one.


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