When Pochettino goes to United, Spurs should hire this guy

Mauricio Pochettino is going to Manchester United. If you haven’t realised that yet or you’re just a Spurs fan in denial, learn to love it. The writing is on the wall and Tottenham should start looking towards the future – and this guy should be the helm for it.

The man in question is of course Frank de Boer. The former Ajax man is like marmite to the football world, but the half who have decided upon hating him need to get a grip. Given the right circumstances, de Boer’s tactical prowess is enough to succeed in any managerial position on the planet. The 46-year-old has a proven track record of taking a team and leading them towards a dynasty of sorts with a mix of experienced and younger players.

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That juicy cocktail of footballing goodness sums up one European side more than any other – Tottenham Hotspur. Their current saviour and guardian Mauricio Pochettino is everything that Manchester United want and more, and like a TV soap the oh so obvious twist ending could not be more obvious.

Once the inevitable flow of tears is stemmed from the legions of devastated Spurs fans, the door will re-open for de Boer to save the day. Now that may not necessarily come across as his strong suit, but the groundwork has been laid for him over the course of the last few years.

Back in April 2014 the North London club actually made contact with Ajax regarding him becoming the new man in charge, but for one reason or another it never came to fruition. But like a bloody glorious wine, de Boer will only get better with age.

He isn’t past his prime like some think because the frightening thing is, his work at Ajax only touched the surface of what the guy was capable of. Four consecutive Eredivisie triumphs is enough to give Daniel Levy the most pleasurable erection of his life.

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Now have a good old look at this Ajax team from the Champions League six years ago. Four of the starting XI are currently plying their trade at White Hart Lane, so it’ll be like walking into a fucking family reunion for the Dutchman.

They’re not just utility players, either. They all impact games one way or another be it defensively or up front, and that is truly the most frightening thing about this potential partnership.

Youth. Experience. Quality. Those three elements are all it takes to form a long lasting period of success. Buckle up Spurs fans, good times are coming.

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