The players who need to hang their boots up immediately

Remember when Eric Cantona called it a day at 31, and you thought: Oh, wow, that guy had a few years left on the clock? It wasn’t a popular decision, but some players like to go out while they’re still at the top of their game.

One or two veterans even seem to get better with age. West Brom’s Gareth McAuley, for example, is still a key player for the Baggies despite nearing 40, and even though Francesco Totti isn’t the player he once was, he still has a role to play at Roma – and not just as a club emblem.

And then there are the players who just don’t know when to call it quits. If you’re a Liverpool fan, you might recall Jamie Carragher was still running out at Anfield well into his mid-30s, and while nobody could deny his legendary status, those last few performances were painful to watch.

Here are 8 players who need to retire. Like, now….

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Honourable mention for Wayne Rooney, who is still only 31 and – theoretically – could yet recapture the form that once made him one of the world’s best players. We won’t hold our breath though.


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