Arjen Robben knocks Arsenal down a peg or two with cutting comments

Football loves a script. Therefore, it was written in the stars that Arsenal would meet Bayern Munich for the fourth time in six Champions League campaigns – it’s really not as “OMG! WOW!” as people are making it out to be, though, I mean, the law of averages suggests it’s pretty likely to happen.

Football Twitter was it’s usual, predictable and uninspiring self…

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…honestly, someone gets paid to run those accounts (yeah, yeah and for some reason someone pays me to write these; I’ve heard them all before, chaps).

Anyway, ahead of the Round of 16 clash between the Bundesliga and Premier League sides, Arjen Robben has stoked the fire:

“For them, the pressure is to make it to the quarter-final for the first time in many years,’

“Our target is always the final.”

Arjen Robben speaking to ESPN

In truth, there’s nothing particularly wrong in those comments; probably a refreshing bit of brutal honesty. However, no one – especially Arsenal fans – like to have their flaws highlighted to them, and certainly not in the public arena.

And although many are already tipping Arsenal for heroic failure, and writing the obituaries: “Ultimately, though, a 3-0 win on the night was only enough to restore a little bit of Arsenal pride in the second-leg…” the Dutchman’s comments could actually come back to haunt him.

There’s a different mentality to the Gunners playing the Germain giants, this time. Arsenal will be hosting Bayern knowing that they’re group winners, that Bayern aren’t the same intense side they were under Guardiola and, most importantly, Arsenal, themselves, are a different, more mature and tougher outfit.

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