Mourinho makes unnecessary jibe at former Manchester United striker

Another day, another Jose Mourinho headline involving insults, disrespect and the sucking off of Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

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This time it is former Manchester United striker, Michael Owen, who Mourinho has in his crosshairs – it appears no one is off limits for the Portuguese gaffer, especially when it comes to making sure I Am Zlatan’s ego is stroked.

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The former Chelsea manager was actually being interviewed by BT Sport’s very own, Mr Nice In A Sleazy Way, Jake Humphrey, so you’d imagine there’s a hint of a joke from Mourinho in knowing Owen is, somehow, employed by the broadcaster. However, you then remember that the last time Jose laughed was in 1979, when he was reading a copy of Mein Kampf. And in order for Mourinho to make some form a light-hearted and jovial comment, he must, first, stop feeding on the souls of puppies, babies and Luke Shaw – which he won’t be doing anytime soon.

So we are hoping, like the rest of the world, Jose is just so sick and tired of Owen’s inane, farcical and insignificant comments on football, that he’s had enough. And felt the need, like so many of us, to just be unnecessarily horrible and bitter towards the man who was meant to win England a World Cup. 

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