Guardiola’s arrogance highlighted by Sir Alex Ferguson comment

Wouldn’t is just be the nicest existence to have the life of Pep Guardiola. A cool, calm and collected individual with one of the best jobs in the world, in addition to having the greatest CV in the history of the world. Then again, maybe it wouldn’t be that much fun to be such to life your life as such an arrogant sod.

You’ve all had that kid in your life growing up – you know the one – they get handed absolutely everything and whenever they don’t even slightly get their way, they proceed to throw the biggest hissy fit you’ve ever seen. It’s an infuriating case of lather rinse repeat, and it’s exactly what we’re seeing with everyone’s favourite Spaniard.

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The writing for this has been on the wall for Pep ever since he agreed to make the move to the Etihad. This league, this country and most importantly this team don’t suit his oh so high standards. Whilst we’re focusing on arrogance specifically, a whole range of other stereotypes could be used for the bloke.

Following City’s abysmal run of form lately, some of the 45-year-old’s comments have been utterly baffling – like, throw yourself out a window to make sure this is real life, kind of baffling.

He actually had the nerve to compare his situation to that of Sir Alex Ferguson’s from nearly a quarter of a century ago. Yeah, because it’s not like the dynamic of football management has changed drastically over the last few decades.

The former Barcelona and Bayern Munich boss is even suggesting that he won’t be given the time to turn things around. It’s as if he’s trying to ensure everyone jumps off the bandwagon before he’s inevitably fired.

The thing is, all this would be acceptable if it wasn’t so damn obvious that this tenure has confirmed everyone’s suspicions. He’s been spoon fed. At former clubs, Pep installed the same kind of tactics as he has at City and because they aren’t working out as well, the guy has no idea how to rectify the situation.

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But the worst part – he isn’t even trying. The ultimate sign of this man’s arrogance stems from the fact there is no chopping and changing to be seen, and that stubborn nature is why so very many people are turning against him so soon into his reign.

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