Former MLB All-Star Mark Mulder makes history at the American Century Championship

Trevor Woods

For a short period of time in the early 2000’s, there weren’t many pitchers as dominating as Oakland A’s ace Mark Mulder. He appeared in back-to-back All Star games, won a World Series, and was a great competitor all around. Now 39 years of age, Mulder dominates the game of golf. 

On Sunday, Mulder won his third consecutive American Century Championship, bringing home $125,000. He beat out other sports legends such as Steph Curry, Marshall Faulk, John Elway, Aaron Rodgers, John Smoltz, and many other big names. No one has ever won the tournament three times, so now Mulder is in legendary territory.

While this is a game that features no “pros”, the bevy of hall of fame players and best athletes of the past 50 years are well represented at the ACC. When athletes of this caliber come together for a tourney, it is bound to be competitive, and nerve wracking to participate in, and Mulder apparently has nerves of steel.

Over 55,801 attended the event. Enough in attendance to get the juices flowing for these legends to relive their former glory days. For Mulder, the glory days ended much too soon. Starting in the 2006 season, Mulder started to experience a variety of injuries that drastically derailed his pitching career. When Mulder tore his rotator cuff, he was never the same and continued to experience shoulder issues. At one point many baseball pundits felt Mulder may eventually win 300 games. Mulder ended up winning 103.

For the baseball purist, Mark Mulder represents the unfortunate side of baseball. Great promise ending with a tragic end to a career. And for the baseball purist, for the lover of a good comeback, the news of Mark Mulder excelling in the game of golf is worth a round of applause.

This man could have been one of the greats in baseball, but now he will have to settle for being one of the greatest former athletes to ever play golf. There is no doubt Mulder will be looking to win four ACC’s in a row, we will see him back on the links in 2018.

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