This stat from Gareth Bale’s time at Tottenham will take some beating

Gareth Bale tore up the Premier League during his Tottenham days and made memories that will last a lifetime, including having the biggest clusterfuck game in the history of the division.

It sounds bizarre on the face of it, but it actually did happen. Back in 2012 rumours were running rampant about Bale’s future because, you know, he was far too good for Tottenham. The guy was putting in incredible performance after incredible performance and sooner or later someone was going to take notice. Oh, and yes, everybody knew it was going to be Real Madrid.

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One of the big games involved in this memorable run came in November of that year, and we’re actually just two weeks removed from the anniversary of it happening. During a clash with Liverpool, Gareth Bale had the busiest game in the history of the Premier League and that is in no way an understatement.

What does that entail? Goal. Assist. Own goal. Yellow card. Yup, that really happened. Bale proved himself to be one of the more dynamic players in the history of English football, but it certainly came at a cost.

The now-27-year-old’s ability to make defences look foolish is well noted, but it was the man himself that had a red face after heading into his own net. Still, I guess it shows he was able to track back every so often. Let’s just go with that.

But nobody was going to mock the bloke too much, because just minutes beforehand good old Gareth struck a delightful 25-yard free kick into the back of the net that left Pepe Reina looking like he was attempting a mannequin challenge.

When you clock those onto a contentious yellow card and a lovely assist for Aaron Lennon, you can see what we mean. If nothing else, this little tale proves just how central Gareth Bale was to the Premier League towards the back end of his time there. All anyone could talk about was how the Welshman continued to improve week in and week out, much like Ronaldo before he also made a record move over to La Liga.

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No press is bad press as they say, and Bale was never shy of getting stuck into the action no matter what end of the pitch it was at. He was then and will forever be a Premier League legend – even if he does have the shittiest hair in the sport.

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