Chris Sutton has just buried the Neville brothers

The whole debate around the Liverpool goalkeeper, Loris Karius, has been nothing short of playground squabbles we all saw when we were 12-years-old. The nature of the Nevilles’ clubbing together and taking on Liverpool, could genuinely be a saga out of Hollyoaks. Pretty pathetic all in all, and completely unnecessary.

It’s like one another keeps adding fuel to the fire, and even Liverpool teammates have now called each other out; what’s going on?! It’s meant to be bloody Christmas. You know the time, when you take your missus to Winter Wonderland – still waiting for mine – and when this bloke receives his annual pay check to go find some ‘Christmas snow’…

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Anyway, the whole Karius-gate has been nothing but a tragic headache. And, finally a pundit has got it spot on. Arise, Chris Sutton. The man splits opinion; the says it how it is sort of bloke, and the Neville brothers best close their ears…

“Phil Neville backing his brother up saying ‘nobody should be allowed to do interviews until you’re a certain age’. And, here’s hypocrisy for you, they work in the media. The Nevilles are totally out of order with this one.

Karius should be commended for doing the interview. Then Gary Neville reacted and, let’s get it right, that was a bit precious of Gary. Then Phil reacted didn’t he, I mean they’re like the Mitchell brothers, aren’t they, the pair of them.”

Chris Sutton

Couldn’t agree more with you, Chris. All the undercurrent swiping remarks is just trying to add to a rivalry which has been petering out for years. Why make such a big deal about the comments? It’s incredibly patronising from the former United players.

It seems that pettiness has reached new levels in football these days, with this new episode of Stan Collymore versus Pep Guardiola. No idea why the former forward is pitting his wits against the City boss, the bloke doesn’t ‘Stan’ a chance.

The net net is, can everyone in the media cheer up? January is going to hit us all like a steam train and then the Mitchell brothers really will have something to say about it.

The players whose clubs held them back from success…

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