Chelsea’s new 20 million player loan profit system is brilliant

Some teams make money through stadium expansion or sponsorship deals, Chelsea have invented an entirely new way to make profit from their players. 

Either the Brazilian national team is collectively securing monster contract after monster contract, in order to one day buy Brazil; or Chelsea have secretly developed a new way to profit from players who weren’t seeing regular time.

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Reports have indicated that Chelsea midfielder, Oscar, is set to join Shanghai SIPG in China during the upcoming January transfer window. The club is said to be offering as much as £52 million. How in the world are they paying that much for a midfielder who has only one international cap in the last two years, and is seen as surplus to goods at Chelsea now?

Well for one thing it’s the buyers. Shanghai SIPG already dropped a ridiculous number to secure fellow Brazilian, Hulk, and continue to splash cash in order to boost up the league. Think MLS 5-6 years ago, but on steroids.

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The Chelsea connections don’t stop there. Shanghai SIPG is now managed by former Chelsea coach Andre Villas-Boas. While two former teammates have also signed lucrative deals to play in that remote league; Ramires at, Jiangsu Suning, and Demba Ba at Shanghai Greenland Shenua.

A more unlikely idea is that those Brazilian players, along with European movers such as David Luiz, are simply racking up huge contracts to pull together their money and take over Brazil. The world’s first football-nation state? Or perhaps a Luiz / Hulk presidential campaign one day?

In all seriousness though, what is more likely to happen is Chelsea’s sneaky profit system on unused players. Take a look at the David Luiz saga. In 2011 Chelsea bought him for 25 million euros, sold him for 49.5 million to PSG in 2014, and then bought him back in 2016 for 35 million.

The real cost to Chelsea for the entire David Luiz run was on 10.5 million euros. They simply had to let him fail to win the Champions League at PSG for a few years.

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It was a win, win for the EPL club. They got Luiz at his best, got rid of him when his form was dropping, and brought him back for a lesser rate when they needed defenders.

Learning from that model, we turn to the once golden boy turned ‘is he still there?’ Oscar. Purchased for 32 million Euros in 2012, and about to be sold for 62 million Euros to Shanghai SIPG.

At 25, he could sit there for three to four years, collecting big pay checks and not lifting the league as hoped. Chelsea then in 2020 will buy him back for lets say 25 million Euros, ending up at a profit of 5 million and having Oscar when they wanted him.  You can be sure that Chelsea will include a buy-back clause and it’s a safe bet this isn’t Oscar last stint at Stamford Bridge.


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