Sergio Garcia: Anger issues arise at The Open Championship

Sergio Garcia’s rage returned during the second round of The Open Championship, when he was confronted with a difficult shot.

The Spaniard has thrown tantrums before, but this is the first time we’ve seen this type of anger since after he won the Masters this year and became a major champion. Garcia was forced to play out of some gorse bushes, and after not liking his shot, angrily threw his club at those same bushes.

So basically, after only being able to punch out, Garcia took a swipe at the bushes and the impact ended up rebounding and hurting his shoulder.

“Obviously I’m not happy about it,” Garcia said, “because I almost screwed up my British Open.”

“I hit [the shrubs] backwards. It was a very weak position, and it felt like the muscles went on top of each other,” Garcia said. “So it didn’t feel good at all.

“Sometimes you are out there and you are trying your hardest. When you can’t do it, you get frustrated. We’ve all had this.”

The pressures of professional golf can definitely take a toll on someone, but lashing out is never the answer. But it does show passion and Sergio Garcia obviously has a lot of that. Thankfully the pain didn’t end up affecting his game as much as it could have.

Garcia ended up making this unbelievable eagle putt a couple of holes later:

Garcia ended the round with a 69, currently tied for 24th. He will see a physiotherapist later Friday and get some work done on his shoulder to make sure everything is all good. Guess this goes to show, people never really change.

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