The Premier League XI that need to grow some balls

Don’t be alarmed, the next international fixture is not until March, you haven’t got to worry about getting the Monopoly board out due to having nothing to do over an international break; put the game away. 

On a positive note, when looking at it, the Three Lions actually have some pretty encouraging players – yeah, we’re still holding our breath waiting to see it – but the English lads still have a reason to be upbeat.

Yet, there are some players who are being held back by their clubs for one reason or another; or it’s the Premier League which is stunting their development. A move abroad could therefore be a real solution to maturing some of the Three Lions. It seems that international football is more in-keeping with European football style, so discovering more about the leagues, players and tactics could be hugely beneficial for England moving forward.

Although, this seems plausible at face value; we’re sure if this lot went away, the Three Lions would still get knocked out by some budgeteers who just contain ‘nice’ people within their nation


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All well and good talking about it, but doubt any of these lads will do a Joe Hart 2.0, none of them have the bottle; but could also be like a domino affect – ‘if you go, I’ll go’. Who you backing to lead that charge? Our bets on, Dier.

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