Fergie’s calls to former Red Devil will warm Manchester United fans’ hearts

The glory days of Alex Ferguson will never, ever be repeated; they’re done. Manchester United fans best keep Thursday nights free for some time. A cold night away in Norway is about as exciting as it’s going to get, and no cheque dished out by Ed Woodward will ever change that – even if it is as long as Arsene Wenger’s coat. 

Fergie just set the bar too high, and the way the Scotsman ran his day to day operations at Old Trafford is made obvious by the fact he still checks-in with, Federico Macheda, yeah, Macheda! That bloke who did about as many good things for United that you could count on one hand. Couple of decent goals here and there, dubbed the next ‘great’ but ended up turning out to be a greater flop than Bebe.

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Macheda’s career digression has plummeted quicker than Chris Evans‘ presenting career; Manchester, via Doncaster, and then ending up at Novara.

Still, Fergie’s brilliance/potential boredom shows as the former United gaffer still calls a player up who only clocked 36 appearances for the Red Devils

“Sir Alex Ferguson is a great person and has taught me so much. He called me three weeks ago to see how I was and how my career is going. He coached the greatest players in history, and the fact that he thinks about me makes me proud.”

Federico Macheda

Says a lot about the bloke; can’t help and think though what the bloody hell the Scotsman does with his other stars if this is the treatment Macheda receives. CR7 gets enough treatment as it is

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