Manchester City have just humiliated Vincent Kompany

Ben Mountain

Half empty stadiums, multi-billionaire owners and Moonchester & Moonbeam are just some of the features that make Manchester City a club to be ashamed of. Not to mention their soaring rise in popularity conveniently coinciding with their miraculous bought, rise in success. But now the club have fantastically outdone themselves in a way that makes them look just plain stupid. Look away now, Citizens.

NB: We dedicate this article to the tragic apparent passing of İlkay Gündoğan and to the dignity and pride of any loyal Man City fans. May their legacy live on in our hearts. ~ All at CLICKON Soccer


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Words cannot express…

They’re one of the richest clubs in England, could they not find the funds to employ someone clever enough to put a stop to this laughing stock before the shirts actually got printed? Can you imagine Pep Guardiola nipping into the club shop or Sports Direct with a dozen or so City shirts and trying to explain to the dunce behind the till that he wanted the names on the front?  Should that have failed, he reportedly would have headed to the Co-Op Funeral Care for some flowers, hearses and grabbed a nice personalised card from Moonpig in memoriam.

Come on; seriously, the fella had done his knee in for half a season. Big deal.

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If this is City’s response to a damaged cruciate, how on earth will they react to a slightly more genuine tragedy? We can only imagine the days of mourning across Manchester and renaming of the Etihad now that former City ‘keeper, Joe Hart, has had his career in Torino.

It’s a small joke that the club have actually decided to act like this. What about Vincent Kompany? Or where’s Jack Wilshere’s permanently wrong way round sign of unity, if this is actually appropriate? Poor Michael Owen could have had an entire clothes shop if clubs had been this thoughtful in his day.

Having said that; perhaps it’s more of a good luck charm than it seems, what with the Sky Blues coming from behind to beat fellow title contenders, Arsenal. Maybe Gündoğan’s spirit was watching over them as they played and it was he that guided them home to victory.

Over the top? Yes. Considerate? Probably a bit too much. Fucking hilarious? Definitely. Unlucky, City fans, perhaps a day off work will be needed today – avoid the embarrassment. Having said that, we can’t imagine you actually saw the spectacle in person, so you mustn’t be too upset.



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