Counter Logic Gaming Offer Dardoch His Best And Last Hope For Success

Counter Logic Gaming announced the largest roster acquisition of the off-season when they signed former Team Liquid and Immortals jungler Joshua “Dardoch” Hartnett. In a move that should greatly benefit both parties, there may be no better organization for Dardoch to have landed on than with CLG.

Hailed by Duncan “Thorin” Shields as “the most valuable player in NA”, Dardoch has shown signs of tremendous star potential, including leading the NA LCS in MVP accolades for the 2017 Spring Split. Still, maturity issues and problems he has created within team atmosphere have now caused Dardoch to be traded from two teams in less than a year despite his obvious talent.

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Dardoch exploded onto the League of Legends scene as a rookie with Team Liquid, immediately establishing himself as a carry jungler with the potential to be a star in the NA LCS, earning himself Rookie of the Split honors. Still, Dardoch struggled greatly as a teammate, an issue made abundantly clear when Team Liquid released their documentary “Breaking Point”. With issues both in and out of game, Team Liquid would make the decision to part ways with Dardoch.

It would not take long for Dardoch to find a new home with Immortals, signing an unprescedented three-year contract with the team. Immortals CEO Noah Whinston emphasized Immortals would take the necessary steps to help Dardoch be successful and would work to build a team around his talents.  Of course, less than a split later Immortals would trade Dardoch away to CLG for oft-criticized jungler Jake “Xmithie” Puchero, a puzzling move that hinted at deeper issues that demanded a trade that seemed to be a clear downgrade in talent.

When Immortals would release a brief video chronicling their time in the first split, it was clear many of the issues Dardoch had shown on Team Liquid had followed him to Immortals:

For Dardoch, this could be his last chance to prove himself as a player capable of being a teammate as well as a talent. Fortuitously, there may be no better organization equipped to help Dardoch grow than Counter Logic Gaming. When CLG hired CEO Devin “Mylixia” Nash, you could feel the culture shift around the organization, as an emphasis on the team took center stage over that of the player. Previously a success coach and motivational speaker, Devin is exactly the type of person Dardoch needs to run the organization required for him to be successful.

“If I really had to put it down to anything, I would say that we’re trying to create the best competitors but we’re doing it through a different approach.

“We develop players physically and mentally, and then we focus on mechanics.

“We recruit on attitude first.”

Devin Nash, CEO Counter Logic Gaming

While Dardoch’s talent is undeniable, CLG will be a place where he can grow and mature as a person and teammate. CLG has been very vocal in their activity to promote team strength and the value they place on hard work. Always known as a hard worker, the promising North American talent should thrive in an environment where he will have a very strong support network and experienced individuals such as Devin who will help him to be successful.

If he is able to develop these areas, Dardoch is a huge addition to the strength of CLG as a whole, bringing a carry player to the team from the jungle position that can dictate action around the map and relieve pressure from their bottom lane of Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black and Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes.

Very rarely would Xmithie play the carry style junglers that Dardoch plays, forcing his laners to take on additional pressure to carry the games when the meta or the players did not ideally fit that role.

Source: Riot Games Flickr


For “the most valuable player in NA”, CLG could finally be a breakthrough moment for him as a person and as a player. At a crossroads of his career, this will likely be the stint that defines him and determines where his legacy as a player falls in League of Legends. With the excellent organizational structure and support CLG provides, Dardoch will have every opportunity to be successful.

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