Ronald Koeman has just embarrassed himself with Barcelona comments

Ronald Koeman’s comments on El Clasico, compared to the Merseyside derby make about as much sense as my Nan’s dialect on Christmas day post-turkey and two bottles of wine.

The Dutchman is normally one for a pragmatic approach, but the Toffees gaffer has mirrored more Forest Gump here than Captain Philips…

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“As a Barcelona player, I have been involved in a big number of confrontations between Barcelona and Real Madrid. When it comes to atmosphere and attraction, that match is rated as the most beautiful in Spain and in the world, because apart from the rivalry there is a political edge to this game. Barca versus Real used to bring out the best of me. Always.

“But the Everton versus Liverpool derby in the city where I work now is bigger with emotions because of the incredible football culture in this country. On Monday night it is my Blues against Jurgen Klopp’s Reds in my first big Merseyside derby.”

Ronald Koeman

Has Koeman turned into Ronald McDonald, this week? What’s the bloke talking about?! There’s not a chance that Everton versus Liverpool is bigger with emotion compared to El Clasico – they are not even in the same league in terms of, well, everything.

The passion is there, but you can’t for a minute suggest that a match-up which has contested two sides off top four pace for sometime as ‘bigger’. El Clasico is a war, a political minefield, it’s more than a football match or gaining bragging rights in a city.

It’s central Government versus independency; it’s Luis Figo‘s head on a pitchfork. We don’t think you’d see the Everton faithful chucking a pig at Romelu Lukaku if the Belgian upped sticks across Merseyside. There’s far too much PC bollocks getting in the way at Goodison Park, it’s more of like a nice day out at Center Parcs.

Who actually cares about Everton versus Liverpool? Other than the fans themselves, we’re not exactly going to put our Monday night plans on hold. But, El Clasico, everything would be dropped from fans supporting any colours across the world. It’s the biggest game in football, the match everyone wants to watch – Cr7 v LM10 is slightly more box office than Gerard Deulofeu v Roberto Firmino.

Keep your thoughts to yourself, Ronald, no one is buying them.

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