FIFA continue to make themselves a laughing stock with latest decision

Adam Brown

FIFA have proved once again what a shambolic organisation they are, following their fine of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales for wearing the poppy on their shirt. For what seems a completely trivial and thin rule enforcement, they’re fooling no one here as they look for any excuse to enhance their own personal bank accounts.

For an organisation so corrupt, how do they get away with enforcing fines like this?! Their own name has been dragged through the dirt in the last few years – with their dodgy awarding of World Cups, and massive amounts of money being exchanged – they’re only making things worse for themselves here.

The basic compulsory equipment must not have any political,religious, personal slogans, statements or images


How does a poppy represent a political image or message?! It is a symbol of respect, and it does not carry any venomous connotations. We’re disappointed with FIFA here, as you would expect that they would see that the poppy is used as a sign of unity between people. It’s caused no trouble before, so we’re unsure why FIFA have took action.

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FIFA’s actions here will only piss people off more. Many football fans have already lost faith with the organisation since their corruption scandal, and this fine is completely unnecessary! Has there been a more outrageous decision in football since Stuart Pearce didn’t select Beckham for the 2012 Olympic squad? Probably not.

No fan purchases a poppy with the intentions of making a political stance. Ironically, FIFA are making it a political themselves by enforcing fines over unclear rules. FIFA are showing ignorance here, and proving how out-of-touch they are with football fans – who are they to decide what a poppy implies? Focus on your own organisation and the dubious decision-making over the years.

How much money must have changed hands for this? A World Cup final in late December. Undoubtedly, a date which will hinder almost every player who takes part at the Qatar tournament.  As in fairness, if you’re a decent player, you won’t play in a random league which doesn’t have a normal league schedule.

Why did Russia get the 2018 World Cup as well? Judging by their fans behaviour at the Euros, the tournament is set to be more like a WWE event with Russian fans ambushing everyone. The next two World Cups could have been much better selections – but it appears only FIFA have the power to question the integrity in decisions.

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