The current Premier League players with the all-time best winning ratio

There’s, of course, overperforming managers, and some underperforming ones. And then there’s the footballers who somehow earn their bread whilst undeservedly playing with the best, and others who are playing well above their pay grade.

You’ve also got the consistent performers over the Premier League years who all deserve a pat on the back once in a while, rather than being slated in the media by deluded pundits. These lads have all played over 50 games and have seriously impressive winning ratios; particularly given when you have to play a lot of your games behind Per Mertesacker...

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Some surprising names, but can N’Golo Kante please take a bow; that’s twice now he’s made a list such as this ?. Absolute renegade of the game.

Correct as of 19/12/2015. 

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