Steven Gerrard cost Liverpool signing Dele Alli

Ethan Tait

Steven Gerrard continues to be the thorn in the Liverpool side, even after his playing days are over. The prodigal son of Merseyside has cocked up once again, this time regarding the transfer of Dele Alli

Spurs are shit, but Dele Alli is a class youngster with the slightest of tempers. The addition of the English international to the Liverpool setup would of produced massive results for the club, but it seems that most of the blame should be placed on club ‘legend’, Stevie G.

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Dele Alli was a promising youngster for MK Dons, but loved Liverpool and his favourite player was Steven Gerrard. So, the club was hoping to use the former English international to help Alli move to Anfield.

Turns out Stevie G was busy getting some shuteye and missed the meeting that would have put Dele Alli into a Reds jersey and possibly shifted the successes (or lack thereof) of the club.

As Dele Alli put it,

At the time when I was at MK [Dons] there was contact with Liverpool before I signed for Tottenham. But that was before we’d even spoke to Tottenham. I think it was six months before. We went up there and I think they knew that Steven Gerrard was my hero, so they said he was going to come down to meet me, but when I got there he was asleep apparently.I think he had a game the next day though so I understand.

Dele Alli

Imagine being promised that you would see your idol and then your idol is nowhere to be found. Dele Alli’s story sums up the life of a Liverpool fan for the past decade. A lot of hype and excitement only for your hometown hero to slip and watch it all dissolve into nothing.

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Shoutout to Stevie G.

Liverpool’s loss was Spurs’ gain, but fortunately neither of them will be winning the Premier League anytime soon.

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