Long drive competitor gives his best Ric Flair impersonation and it’s magical

It’s time to make golf fun again. It has been nearly a decade since Tiger Woods has been relevant and fans of the sport just grasp at anything close to the 14-time major champion. 

Maurice Allen could be golf’s next hero, but in an untraditional way. Allen was crowned the champion of this past weekend’s Mile High Showdown in Colorado.

The World Long Drive tour’s newest star dazzled the crowd with drives that reached over 480 yards (you can go head and read that sentence again, because that’s not a typo). But he didn’t stop there, Allen showed that he is an entertainer as well giving his best Ric Flair impression.

Sure, the Colorado air had a little bit to do with the carry of Allen’s shots but to hit a ball over 480 yards is still a masterful feat. Go ahead and throw Bubba Watson or Dustin Johnson out on that field and I bet they don’t sniff 470 yards once.

You have to admire the showmanship Allen displayed, the way he waved the winning ball goodbye, or his facial expression after the ball he hit over 480 yards…a face that mimicked a child on Christmas morning seeing a gift that was too good to be true.

Did I mention the purse for the event’s winner was $50,000, so no wonder Allen was so animated. Afterward Allen mentioned that this wouldn’t be the last time you would see him and the rest of the World Long Drive tour.

He could be right, like the old saying goes “chicks dig the long ball”. Well that saying happens to be true, not just chicks but grown men loose their minds when they see feats of strength or power like Allen’s. This might prompt networks like ESPN and FOX Sports to televise these events in primetime.

This competition may have just put Long Drive tour competitions back on the map. Before all of this, they were just an after thought and were considered a bunch of guys who don’t play real golf. Times are changing and the younger generations want hard-hitting excitement in sport like football, the home run derby, and the slam dunk contest. The WLDA tour may have just ignited a spark thanks in part to Maurice Allen (and Ric Flair).

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