The shocking stories from footballers’ Christmas parties

Christmas parties can go one way or the other: ‘ah crap, I really shouldn’t have tried it on with that girl‘, or, ‘absolutely spot on, I bloody love all my work colleagues, here’s to a great company’. Cue 2017, oh bollocks, back here again.

Regardless, they’re usually a top affair and a good excuse to show your work pals you’re not just boring Dave from accounts. Speaking of boring, footballers are hardly the sort of blokes you’d have on speed dial for a ‘Gary Player’ all dayer session; they’re usually pretty mundane, pretty uninspiring, and you’d generally leave a lot of them with your missus.

Still, sometimes even the boring athletes of this world can let their hair down; and some of the stories that have come out from football camps are absolutely shocking…

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Some surprising, and not so surprising tales. There’s a fine line between having the liabilities around on a night out; they could either be bloody entertaining, or end getting you in a right pickle. Just ask, Joey Barton, the bloke is a bloody professional at it.

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