Jamie Vardy is up for sale

There’s that cliche quote, that Dave, 23, in i-Beef-A with the lads has tattooed on his arm because he’s ‘deep’: “You’re a slave to money, and then you die.” And we’ve already seen this week, the lengths people will go to, to earn themselves some money.

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And the latest person to try and make a quick buck is 28-year-old, David McMurray, who thought he was onto a surefire winner by purchasing the number plate ‘VAR9Y’ and then selling it onto Leicester City’s, Riyad Mahrez.

Nah, of course he wanted to sell it to the Foxes’ Jamie Vardy but just needed to check you were actually paying attention.

Sadly for the builder-cum-entrepreneur, David hasn’t been able to shift the number plate onto the England international:

“I can’t seem to be able to get in contact with Jamie at all.

“I was hoping he would give me enough to make a profit.

“I was talking it one of the player liaison officers [at Leicester City] a couple of months ago, but he never got back to me.

“I don’t even know if Vardy even knows anything about it.

We are surprised to hear that David hasn’t been able to get hold of the chav that got lucky. But we’d recommend leaving a trail of Skittles outside Vardy’s house leading to the numberplate; trust us, Vardy won’t be able to resist. 

“I’m going to accept any price – I just need to get rid of it.

“There’s a lot of time still to go, so hopefully I won’t lose three grand over it.

“If I do make my money back then I won’t regret doing this.”

The eBay listing is due to end on Boxing Day, so there’s still a chance a few too many Christmas drinks for someone could see David make back his money – shame Leicester can’t do that on the bumper contract they handed to Vardy.

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