Chelsea should be deducted points after releasing the worst Christmas gift

There were those pointless rumours doing the rounds that Chelsea could’ve faced being docked points, for their role in the cringeworthy ‘handbags’ that happened away at the Etihad Stadium. 

Of course, because the FA are such a redundant and weak governing body, a minimal fine of a few thousand quid was handed out to the Blues and the Citizens – no surprise, though, given that racism is deemed less serious than a poppy, by FIFA.

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However, if the FA want to try and save face, then they must hand a points deduction to Antonio Conte’s side for a Christmas present that the Blues have launched.

There really is no limits to the lengths that our football clubs will go to, to try and squeeze a few extra coins from us.

You almost feel like the design process goes:

“Honestly, this lot will buy anything.”

“But…but it’s dried grass.”

“Trust me. Put it on a plaque, whack a price on it and we will be able to sign Marco Reus off the sales.”

Chelsea aren’t alone, though, in taking fans for a ride. Check out the state of some of the gifts some poor sods will be unwrapping this Christmas.

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